TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment Encino, CA

A quite considerable amount of patients tend to clench, or grind their teeth. These habits among other circumstances can lead to a plethora of symptoms that we call TMJ.

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TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is a broad and complex disorder with numerous causes and symptoms. However, most sufferers will experience its hallmark clicks or pops within their jaw joint. Headaches, pain in the face or ear, tinnitus (high pinching noise in your ear), vertigo and jaw locking in certain positions are also common. Ideally, TMJ treatment involves finding and treating the root cause, but this is not always possible. Fortunately, the condition can also be treated on its own.

Less severe cases are often managed with home care such as ice packs and avoiding hard or chewy foods until symptoms subside. Nonsurgical treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, splints, and nightguards are often effective in mild cases.

But for those stubborn cases, we can also provide orthotics and TENS units to help stabilize and relax the jaw and the surrounding muscles. Also, sleep apnea can cause similar symptoms, so if you tend to snore, or gasp for air in your sleep, an anti-snore appliance may be the appropriate treatment for you. Please visit for more information.

Even for the patients that do not perceive to have any subjective symptoms, but show signs of grinding and clenching on their teeth, we may recommend a nightguard to prevent excessive wear and shortening of their teeth.

I am a former sufferer of TMJ myself with almost daily headaches and regular migraines, so the treatment of it is very close to my heart

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